Shuanglin Temple

Besides the ancient housing in Fotang Ancient Town, there is another famous historical relic called Shuanglin Temple, which has a history of over 1500 years. In A.D. 550, it was officially launched by the king and soon became a divine place worshiped by people local and from afar. It was once the spiritual center of oriental Buddhism, and one of the greatest temples in China.


Temple of the Great Buddha

The real founder of the temple was Master Fu (497-569), the first one who suggested the combination of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. His profound conception was considered as one of the headstream of Chan School.
 It soon reached the first top time in Sui Dynasty (581-618) – the imperial court and the temple were closely involved. Then in Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasty, the temple met its second height of its development.

Dazhi Buddhism Temple

Another Southern Liang period temple, this 1500-year old temple was renovated in 1994. The central Mahavira Palace rises to over 40m, housing a 28m tall image of the Sakyamuni Buddha, one of China’s largest indoor Buddha sculptures

Tianning Temple

One of three remaining wood structures from the Yuan Dynasty, it was built about 1000 years ago, and named the Chengtian Temple by the Emperor. About a century later, it was given its current name of Tianning. Renovated and restored in 1979, it remains faithful to the original Yuan Dynasty design.